Earth on fire Lips - The inspiration

Earth on fire Lips - The inspiration

Earth on fire Lips — The inspiration

This work of art was the first work of art of the collection. It was created on the 2nd of January 2022.

From the artist:

When I created the first work in the collection. I wanted to express something that resembles me. The mouths, as described in my biography, represent unspoken suffering and the regaining of power when the silence is broken. With everything going on in the world, it's hard to believe we're not near the end of an era. Since everything is on fire all the time. Nothing is right in this world anymore. It's like the earth is on fire. The spike that is nailed to the map of the world, on the lower lip, it is nailed to Quebec, where I live. And the spike is chained to the upper lip, because I am helpless against so many world difficulties. On the other hand, at the time, I was also chained to a personal situation that I didn't tell anyone about.

An interesting fact is that I started drawing with an almost broken computer. I didn't have Procreate at that time nor any tablet to draw properly. I got divorced during the pandemic, which left me in financial trouble, forcing me to settle for the frustrating tools to use as a digital artist. Fortunately, my determination to want to advance my career as an artist, allowed me to acquire new computer tools.


You can find this work of art in our online boutique. 

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